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Let's Go Outside.


Dom Chronicles delivers an offering of the original 12 songs from his highest streamed record of his career, Let's Go Outside, with an additional 6 songs, 3 videos to view before the world, a 20% off coupon code, and the exclusive art for the album.


While the world was locked down, and it's masses quarantined to their own spaces, Dom prepared a treat for any hip hop head to ride the time of isolation out smoothy. Now that the world is open this Deluxe Edition serves as a thank you to all of the supporters that helped make this album a classic in the Dom Chronicles discography.


Dom embraces his inner child with uplifting lyrics about spirituality, self-belief, motivation, growth and abundance, Let's Go Outside is coupled with smooth production with weaving stories to help inspire others to evolve.



LET'S GO OUTSIDE: Deluxe Edition

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